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Dear friends,

Having recently completed my Practical Nursing education, I have been presented with a unique opportunity to practice as a clinic nurse in Papua New Guinea at Kunai Health Centre. Three years ago, I spent nearly four weeks at this clinic as a volunteer.  I was able to witness healthcare and compassion being given to a remote population of people who had limited access to any type of health resources. I also watched as each patient was given the gospel, prayed with, and health taught by the nurses and translators in the clinic. My time there was unforgettable, and it sparked in me the desire to also become a nurse and allow God to guide my path in that career.  

Kunai Health Centre is seeing over 16,000 patients every year with the help of several translators, community healthcare workers, and two nurses. There is a great need for two more nurses to volunteer to go, as the nurses currently working there will be leaving to go home in the summer. I believe God has opened this door for me and I am grateful for this opportunity to be a nurse at Kunai for one full year.  

That being said, it would mean a great deal to me if you would be able to partner with me financially. The expenses of living in a remote region of Papua New Guinea are mainly due to the inaccessibility of Kunai Health Clinic as there are no roads or vehicles.  I have begun the process of a visa application and I believe God wants me on the field within the next three months. As nervous as I may be, I am excited to see what He will do in this next year. Most importantly I ask that you join with me in prayer. This is scary and overwhelming at times for me, but I know God's way is perfect. 
Thank you all so much.
Rebecca Wyatt

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