Sunday Worship Service!

Modified Service Schedule

Greetings Church Family!

This Sunday May 23rd at 11am, we will be having a drive-in service.  This type of service is permitted under current COVID-19 restrictions in place.
We have been provided with an FM Transmitter to broadcast our services. The station will be 99.3 FM on your vehicle radio.  I know this is certainly unique and we have considered the idea for quite some time now.  With the weather being so nice now and the indoor limitations set at 10, I believe this is a perfect time to attempt this format!  
We want to provide you and your family with an opportunity to get out of the house and travel to the church. We will be able to see each other and wave and worship together.  I am more convinced than ever before the importance of seeing each other. The last 3 Wednesdays have provided us opportunity to get together in a come and go format and it has solidified in my heart the need to see each other. I know fellowship will be hindered and I cannot wait for that to be fully restored! However I am grateful to see each one of you as often as possible. 
The facility will be open. I realize not everyone has a vehicle. We will open the church up for 10 people to be inside. We will be broadcasting the services on the screens in the auditorium so yo will be able to participate live. Those who are participating in vehicles will be able to come inside and use the washroom facility should the need arise. 
Please be mindful of the time of your arrival. It would be helpful to arrive 10 minutes early and we will have 2 parking attendants to assist you in properly placing your vehicle to utilize every inch we have available in the parking lot. We also will use the Beech Motor Lot if needed. As soon as you arrive on site please tune to 99.3 and we will be broadcasting some music leading up to the service to be sure you have the signal.
There will be no service at 9am.  The only morning service will be at 11 and it will also be live-streamed on all our normal channels. We will have an indoor service at 5pm with the 10 person maximum in place. Please let me know if you wish to attend Sunday night. It will also be live-streamed. 
Excited for Sunday!
Jerrod Trickey
Assistant Pastor
Cell: 289-700-5870


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